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Android Maid Cafe and One Piece Restaurant Baratie

Androidol CafeEarlier this year (2013), another maid-type cafe opened up with a new twist.  The android idol cafe, where your server is a humanoid android woman (acted by the waitresses there).  As you interact with them they become more human and show more emotion towards you.  It is an interesting concept and I think the ladies must be darn good actors.  You can also pick a personality type for them and pay extra for some on stage karaoke, etc.  Pictures of the cafe make it look like a pretty nice establishment that is hoping to attract the salarymen in the area for a bit of relaxation.  Not located in Akihabara, it is in Akasaka.

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Androidol Caffe
Address: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 3-17-1 KDG Building 1F

Official Site:

Baratie, One Piece Restaurant at Fuji TV
Fuji TV opened Baratie, a One Piece themed restaurant, at their headquarters building in Odaiba in June, 2013.  Seems like all kinds of anime themed stores and restaurants are opening these days in Tokyo.  There is also the One Piece Store in Shibuya, the Shonen Jump theme park in Ikebukuro, and all of the Shonen Jump stores to see too.

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Baratie is based on a restaurant that appears in the One Piece anime/manga and it is located on the seventh floor of the Fuji TV building on the rooftop garden.   There are many One Piece themed dishes and it kind of sounds like a Disney theme restaurant as there are life-sized figures, cosplay, character voices coming from the kitchen, etc.  However it is a full restaurant and I don't believe it is cheap, but if you're a Luffy fan, it is probably going to be worth it.  The Fuji TV building is a cool piece of architecture with an observation gallery in the big ball there, and it is right near Pallet Town, and the giant Gundam / Gundam Front too.  You can do a lot of sightseeing and eating here.

Oh yeah,  Fuji TV has a big gift shop on the main floor too!

One Piece Restaurant Baratie 
Address: Fuji TV Building 7F, 2-4-8 Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Official Site:

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