Sunday, February 9, 2014

Japanese Snacks Winter 2013 - 2014

This is a bit of a catchup post.  Watching the Olympic figure skating in Sochi this morning while having some blueberry pancakes and bacon.   Go Team Canada and good luck to all the competitors out there!

Here are a number of Japanese snacks (mainly chocolates) that I managed to find over here in Edmonton at the T & T in December 2013.  They come with a bit of a premium on the price, but they were pretty tasty overall.  These would be definitely available in Japan right now.

Meiji Chocolate Assortment.  Packaged to the hilt, but very pretty boxes and individual wrappings.
This is Meiji chocolate with a honey apple jam filling.  It was nice, but firmer than the soft chewiness I was expecting from the type of filling.
Meiji chocolate honey flavour with soybean powder.  This was a sweet savory kind of taste.  Not chocolate, but more peanuty with a thick filling of black syrup.
Morinaga white chocolate stick muscat flavour.  Very delicate grape flavour with little pop-rocks in it?
Wasabi-O's anyone?  Pretz spicy wasabi flavour.
These were expensive biscuits that came in strawberry and green tea cream filling with chocolate wafers.  Needless to say the combination is very good, but you only get three packs of 2 cookies each to a box.
Meiji Melty Kiss in both Matcha and Strawberry flavours.  These are awesome little chocolates.  They come in little cubes that are so yummy.  I don't know how the Japanese get the strawberry flavour down so well.  Wait, I do, we were there in February last year and had the sweetest, most strawberry tasting little strawberries from the supermarket.  Greenhouse grown, but good.  There were signs on the subway advertising strawberry farm tours at the time as it is seasonal.
New years cakes in various traditional flavours from green tea to chestnut.  Yum.  Goes good with tea / coffee.
This post was so late that Chinese New Year passed by too.  It is interesting that the Japanese don't really celebrate the lunar new year, but it is the western new year instead.  Lion dance display above with some new years type food stuffs.
More Chinese / Asian new years cakes and snacks.

Notice that more specialty Kit Kats are now available in North America now?
And there was even a Chinese New Year Orange Kit Kat.  Wow.  And these were cheap.  $2 for eight duos.  Amazing that I found this at Walmart of all places!

More Japanese Pop Culture at Tokyo Excess

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