Saturday, November 22, 2014

Attack on Titan Movies, Second Season Anime, and Popup Stores

Wow.  Attack on Titan has been blitzing Japan since early this year and well into the next year of 2015.  Just released into the theatres is the first Attack on Titan anime compilation movie.  Coming up for summer next year is the 2nd season of the Attack on Titan anime, streaming in North America via Crunchyroll when it is released.  There is also a live action Attack on Titan movie for summer 2015 with an all star Japanese cast, and Universal Studios Theme Park is has a limited time "Cool Japan" attraction that will feature full scale 15 metre high statuess of Eren and the female titan battling it out.  Lawson has ran special Attack on Titan promos, and Namco Amusement has Attack on Titan prizes at their arcades.
Attack on Titan Chocoball Candy.  I like how the Titan peeks out of the dispensing slot at top!
If that wasn't enough Attack on Titan for you, there is a pretty good Attack on Titan Exhibit that will be starting at the Ueno Royal Museum on November 28, 2014 and will run through January 25, 2015. Apparently there will be some type of Oculus Rift VR experience, a life-sized titan of some sort, plenty of artifacts and art on display.  Last year, the museum hosted the Evangelion Sword Exhibit - something that I would also have loved to have seen.   

In Akihabara, there is an Attack on Titan popup store in the a department store just outside the Electric Town exit of Akihabara Station.  This store has lots of Attack on Titan merchandise and it runs until the end of November 2014.  1-17-6 Soto Kanda , Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

There was also an Attack on Avengers english supplement that ran in Brutus a Japanese manga magazine where the titans attack Manhattan.  It is in color, in English, and can be found if you search the nets. Spidey and Iron Man take down the massive invaders.

That's a lot of Attack on Titan news, and maybe I'll catch Cool Japan if I get to Japan and Universal Studios there next year.

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