Sunday, April 5, 2015

Some Snacks To Try In Tokyo and My Pinterest Board

 Hi Folks!

I started up a Pinterest board about Japan last week just to try out the service and I kind of like it so far.  If you're looking for a broad selection of pretty pictures and interesting articles across many many interests, then check it out and give me a few likes!  I'm at over 600 items now on the board, with plenty of cool stuff on it.

So many folks interested in Japan on Pinterest, and the interest in the country has been there since that 19th century.

I'm heading to Tokyo for a week pretty soon.  There are also so many places to see just in the city and I originally wanted to do some half-day trips, but no time!  I think I'm just going to see the last vestiges of cherry blossom season as they keep blooming early too.  The first bloom opened on March 25, 2015 and it seems it is always on the early side for the last few years.  I've also noticed that beginning of April seems to be the change over point for museums and the Japanese school year.  So if you're looking for special exhibits, last part of March and until the 3rd week of April seems to be a no fly zone in general.
In Ginza

Here are some of the things, mundane as they maybe, that I'm looking forward to trying out for snacks and such. 
  1. Giant Cup Noodle Chicken Karaage Edition
  2. Calbee KFC flavoured potato chips
  3. Some of the Starbucks Spring Drinks (missed sakura already)
  4. The new Carrot Kit Kat and the gourmet Kit Kats with fruit.
  5. I'm going to hit a bunch of restaurants and shops for tempura, beef bowl, sushi, tonkatsu, lots of ramen, taiyaki, anpan, check out the excellent bakeries, and more. 
  6. Of course there is also all of the anime stores, cafes, and exhibits.
  7. I'm also going to poke around in all the neighbourhoods looking for cool stuff happening for the sakura season. I'll take a look at the Meguro Canal but suspect I've missed the show, but I noticed that the Coredo in Nihonbashi has some special Sakura light up (I'll definitely look at that when I'm checking out Tokyo Station). Nihonbashi Sakura Street
For a rough itinerary, check out my other post here, and everyone stay safe!


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