Friday, July 10, 2015

Interesting and Fun Things I've Seen In Tokyo Part 1

My last trip to Tokyo was pretty fun.  I visited some old places and new places to round out my travels there.  There is always more to see and places I had to skip just because of a lack of time.  This post is about some of the fun little things I like about Tokyo in no real order.
I love the rice balls or onigiri you can get at the convenience stores.  One or two of these and a drink makes for a nice snack you can throw in your backpack.  7-11 had some of the better salmon rice balls I had on this trip.
Strawberries are amazing in Japan.  They are so nicely packaged, have a great strawberry flavour, and sweet, but you do pay a premium.  Still, I would say you need to try some for a dessert one night.

Emergency rations.  Nissin introduced canned instant ramen that stays good for at least 2 years as it is packed in airtight containers.  About 700 or 800 yen at Tokyu Hands where I saw these cans.  Each can has 2 servings of ramen with cups, spoons, seasonings.
Kentucky Fried Chicken Potato Chips.  These were pretty tasty chips, but definitely didn't taste like the KFC secret seasoning.
Baumkuchen is crazy popular in Japan.  These german sponge cakes are popular souvenirs too.  Along with Tokyo Banana you find these shops in all the big train stations.
The Pokemon Stores now sell limited edition Pikachus with different themes like pilot or salaryman, etc.  It changes monthly.
Cell phone cases that look like food!!  I am torn between the bacon and egg or the rice box with umi.
Deluxe beer with delux packaging.
It was a nice dark beer and the coolest thing was that it had a peel off bottle cap.  I've never seen that before and it was pretty cool.
The refrigerated konbini meals are all very attractive and definitely would make for a nice picnic if you didn't want to eat in a restaurant, but there are so many good japanese fast food outlets (curry, ramen, beef bowl, sushi, tempura bowl) that I rarely eat these.  The department store ones can be even fancier.

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