Saturday, July 11, 2015

Interesting and Fun Things I've Seen In Tokyo Part 2

I showed a bunch of pictures yesterday about some of the interesting things and goods I saw in Tokyo yesterday.  I'll continue with a few other things today.  If you wander and go through the stores over there you'll quickly realize that this is only a tiny fraction of what kind of coolness can actually be seen or bought.

Haro alarm clock for Gundam fans from the Gundam Cafe.
Interesting little papercraft projects found at the Kitte Building across the street from Tokyo Station.
More interesting folding travel wallets / organziers seen at another store in the Kitte Building which has some very interesting shops on the upper floors.  The building is also gorgeous and the rooftop park is not to be missed as it has great views of Tokyo Station and the trains.
Tokyo Banana - sponge cakes with banana creme filling.  Very popular tourist item for the Japanese at any rate.
Everyone talks about the Japanese Kit Kats, but Calbee also makes all kinds of tasty chips, some of which look like french fries and have a mouth feel that is kind of like the overly fried fries, but lighter.  I kinda like these and they are hard to find here.  Check out your Calbee+ stores if you see them (outlets at Tokyo Station and in Harajuku).
More regional / specialty Kit Kats seen at Tokyo Station.
Danbo, the cardboard robot from Yotsuba is quite popular.  I have Revoltech Danbo myself!  These are new paint job variants and there are a lot of types.
Kantai Collection figures.  Very popular gaming franchise where fleet girls fight the abyssal fleet.
Assassination Classroom goods.  Haven't seen the series myself yet.
I wrote about convenience store rice balls first last post, so it is fitting I end this post with another rice ball post.  The picture is from a gourmet riceball shop in Shinagawa Station.   Very fancy tempura shrimp riceball pictures.
Part of the selection of riceballs from the shop.

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