Saturday, December 12, 2015

Starbucks Japan and Coffee Chain Food

I'm pretty impressed with the food offerings from the coffee chains in Japan.  They always seem to be a step or two ahead of what we get at home here.  They seem to have higher quality food products and it looks tasty!  Starbucks is always pretty good for food now, even in Canada, but they still have things in Japan that would be awesome to have here.
Their 2015 spring strawberry and fruit frappuccino.  Look at all the fruit on top. Not just flavouring.
They have cake and quiche in store along with a variety of sandwiches.
More quiche and some very tasty looking sandwiches.
Caramel frappuccino.
Their competitors do pretty good, if you can find one that is smoke free (some are, especially the ones in malls).  Starbucks is always smoke free, so that is great.  This is Tully's coffee, one of their big competitors.
This french toast they are offering looks good too!  My stomach is never big enough during a visit to Japan to try everything.
This is another chain called Excelsior.  Again, they had a very nice looking breakfast sandwich with freshly cooked egg.  I had it and it was yummy.
Their breakfast sets with coffee.  Again, lots of tasty looking options.

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