Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kare Udon and Ace Cook Super Cup Satay Noodles Review

Awhile back, my box of box of snacks and noodles from Candysan arrived.  I've already reviewed the Halloween special noodles from Nissin in an earlier post and am covering a couple of other types of instant cup noodles this week.  One is a Kare Udon from Yamadai Corp and the other is an Ace Cook Super Cup Noodle Satay Flavour.  Both were pretty tasty cup noodles and filled that hunger gap in the tummy.

Kare Udon
This is pretty much your standard curry flavoured instant noodles that had good quality noodles and a nice rich Japanese curry flavour.
My box of goodies that I ordered from Candysan.
The top of the Curry Udon bowl.  Very attractive print with a traditional shop front for the recipe.

Lots of black in the package, setting you up for the darkish curry experience within.
You can see the broad flat udon type noodles.  There is a powdered curry packet and a packet of freeze dried veggies and meat.
Udon with the potatos, green onine, some carrot, and meat pieces.  You can see there is a fair amount of ingredients.
Everything is rehydrated and then you just mix it up to make sure the curry is fully dissolved.
The curry flavour was actually quite good in this noodle bowl.  I enjoyed the curry soup and the noodles were nice a firm.  The veggies and such were okay, but really, you would need more to make it substantial.  A good cup of noodle overall.

Ace Cook Super Cup Satay Flavour 
This is a big cup of noodles with the 1.5 times size factor.  The noodles inside are of a thicker and chewier variety, making for a hearty mouthful.  This particular ramen is one of the newer Ace Cook products that was released in September of 2015.  I'm not sure exactly what the flavour is, but Google translate shows it as Curiosity stir God (New) menu "dumpling punch ramen".  This is very impressive if it arouses the curiosity of the gods and is a Google translate not so good translate I'd say.  Anyhow, it is a good cup of instant noodles that I can vouch for.
The big bold red characters grab your attention on the outside of the package.  It screams "special."
The top of the Ace Cook cup noodle.
The ingredients.
You get a good portion of thick noodles and three ingredient packets.  There is a powdered soup packet, a packet of liquid stock, and a packet of freeze dried ingredients.
The freeze dried ingredients include cabbage, minced meat, agedama (tempura bits), leeks, and peppers.  Nice long pieces of green onion as you can see.
All rehydrated after adding the boiling water.  It looks quite attractive with plenty of ingredients on top.
This was a good cup of noodle.  There was plenty of flavour to the soup and I'd say it was a satay-ish dumpling flavour.  The soup is a soy based broth with chicken/pork and it has a kick from a shot of vinegar found in the liquid portion of the soup pack.  While I was eating the noodles, the flavour was good, with the vinegar bringing in different highlights and not in an overpowering way.  Drinking the soup by itself showed more of the vinegar, but it was still a pleasant taste.  Some people will like this more than others, and I'll side on the I like it side.  A good cup of noodle, and better if you want a change.

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