Sunday, October 22, 2017

Nissin UFO Shanghai Oyster Sauce Yakisoba Bowl Noodles

Time to get some Chinese type flavouring into your instant UFO yakisoba!  Oyster sauce is one of the key savoury ingredients for Cantonese cooking and is a very Chinese type of cooking ingredient.  Nissin has a summer edition with Shanghai style oyster sauce and it sure looks tasty.
The top of the ramen bowl package.  It is a nicely printed shrink wrap that shows the golden noodles coated with a light layer of sauce.  Note Chinese type motif in brown in the top half of the package.
Bottom of the package with some nutritional information and manufacturers information.  Showing off the yakisoba noodles here in the bottom right corner.
Ingredients list.
More details on ingredients and additional information.
Once the shrink wrap is stripped off you see the pretty regular metallic foil lid of the ramen bowl.  This lid itself is a little marvel of engineering.  You can see that you are not supposed to microwave it and there are directions to prepare your yakisoba in three steps.
An angle shot of the ramen bowl - it is really a large flat bottomed bowl.
Step 1. Peel the lid off halfway from the indicator that says 1.  Inside were a sauce packet and a packet of dried ingredients like green onion, dehydrated bean sprouts (moyashi) - a first for me, carrot, bits of green peas, cabbage, and something brown that is probably some kind of mushroom/fungus.  Step 2.  Add the dried ingredients in and add in some boiling water.  Close the lid again for 3 minutes.
Add peel back part of the lid where is says 3 to reveal a built in strainer.  You will need to pour out the hot water to leave the noodles and the rehydrated vegetables behind.  Then peel back the lid and add the sauce packet to it.  Toss and mix the noodles and sauce thoroughly.
Mmmmm.  Tasty looking noodles covered in a soy, garlic, oyster sauce.
These are nice firm and round thin noodles.  Very tasty with a a good texture.
These were a pretty tasty noodle with a rich, but mild flavour of oyster sauce.  I enjoy these yakisoba bowls, but I find that the ingredients package they usually include seems a little thin for all these noodles.  I think in a cup noodle, the dried ingredients are concentrated more in a smaller surface area so it looks like there is more.  The dried bean sprouts were kind of cool, but These really did kind of blend in with the noodles so I barely noticed them.  Still, I'd definitely eat these again.

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