Treats From Asian Supermarkets in Calgary and Edmonton for Summer 2019

You can find all kinds of treats and food from around Asia at supermarkets like H-Mart, T&T, 100 Tops (Calgary), and Lambda (Calgary).  Here is an oddball selection of goodies I found over the summer and early fall in Edmonton and Calgary.  Instant noodles with Japanese flavours can be found at most Asian supermarkets (Nissin out of Hong Kong), but packaged noodles from Japan aren't uncommon, but are harder to find these days.  Japanese cup noodles on the the other hand are crazy hard to find unless you have a secret source - you can find them in Vancouver (especially at some Japanese stores in Richmond), but they are next to impossible to find in Calgary and Edmonton.
A small haul of cookies, rice crackers, and two kinds of gummies from Japan.  Japanese gummies are always good.
Pikachu furukake - seaweed sprinkles for white rice.
Not exactly Japanese, but these limited edition Coke flavours for raspberry and peach are nice to find in regular supermarkets.  The Georgia Peach is a tasty soda that I really like.
This spicy, kimchee flavoured Chikin Ramen from Japan.  I'll stick with the regular, but cool to see.
Here are mixes to make oyakodon, gyudon, and some other dishes.  I make my sauces for these from scratch, but these were decent if you don't have the ingredients.
I found these little steamed Bao Bao - gotta love the name.  These are spicy Korean.
Miso soup and bao.  The buns are tasty but definitely spicy!
I found these giant instant yakisoba noodle trays that each make a huge portion of instant noodles for 2142 kcal.  I hope you are making these for a party as these GIGAMAX are way too much for one person.
H-Mart carries refrigerated taiyaki and baumkuchen from Japan - these are refrigerated - not frozen.  Cool!
I always use curry blocks to make my curry, but here is the actual Japanese curry powder you could use for custom recipes.
You don't have to go to Japan to get premium Peach Mint Kit Kats.
These are the new ruby chocolate Kit Kats from Japan.  I believe Nestle has an exclusive on this new kind of ruby chocolate which also uses the pulp of the berry and not just the cocoa seeds.  There is a real difference in flavour - quite pleasant and rich.
Glico cream biscuits.  When you can buy these in the tin, they store for several years and can be used to supplement emergency food stores.  My post on Japanese emergency rations is here:
Takoyaki potato chips.  Often these can also be flavoured puffed corn snacks too.
Instant noodles that are cooked a little crisper to be used as potato chips - no water needed.
Canned coffee!
An interesting cider out of Nagasaki, Japan.
The are great little gummies from UHA that were on sale.  They look like little grapes with a firmer outside layer and and inside layer that is like jello.  Good flavours.
Chocolate assortment pack from Japan.
UHA yogurt chews.  Always tasty.
I bought a canned coffee and some plum flavour chews, green plum and sour plum.

Just a tiny sample of what is in the grocery stores these days.  Have a look for yourself and enjoy your shopping for a tasty treat.

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