Ghibli Museum in Tokyo

The Ghibli Museum, run by Studio Ghibli, is a wonderful place to visit with or without kids (say 2 or older - as long as they can watch Totoro and enjoy it).  I took the train out to Mitaka Station from Shinjuku and spent several hours here one late morning and early afternoon.  If you want to make a day of it, you could also hit Nakano Broadway which many of the trains will stop at on the way in or out.   See my travelogue post here for more about the Ghibli Museum.
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You don't need to be a fan of the Ghibli films, but it sure helps if you are.  Studio Ghibli has many many award winning animated films including "Spirited Away," "Howl's Moving Castle," "My Neighbour Totoro," "Kiki's Delivery Service," "Ponyo," and "The Secret of Arietty" amongst many others
1:1 Scale Totoro
Side of Ghibli Museum with Giant Totoro
Kiki Cat Taps
Interior Courtyard of Museum

The museum itself is set in a parkland environment and is nicely themed with friendly staff and many different types of exhibits inside and outside the museum building.  You may wish to stop at a konbini by the train station and pick up some drinks and food (rice balls or sandwiches, etc.) as the snack bar here was pretty busy and many families here were having picnics in their outdoor lunch area.

Inside the museum is an environment that begs kids to run around and explore.  There is a great big cat bus to play on (for the younger kids only), windy metal staircases and tiny passages to explore, but the biggest attraction are these special Ghibli short films that are ONLY shown here.  These short films showcase Ghibli talent and include shows such as a semi-sequel to "My Neighbour Totoro" called "Mei and the Kitten Bus."  You will not know which short you will see and I didn't get to see that one so I guess I'll have to go again.
Laputan Robot Soldier
Other attractions include the great big giant statue of robot soldier from Laputa as the highlight of the rooftop garden here, the many little details from different Ghibli films that are embedded throughout the grounds and the building.  It is a delight to visit for any Ghibli fan.  Of course there are also many art of animation displays, Ghibli memorabilia, and other exhibits to view.  The gift shop here is also wonderful and I got a great little stuffy of Mei cosplaying as Totoro!

Ghibli Museum Links
Definitely check the official site link for the latest information about the museum.  You will have to buy your tickets in advance - no walk-ins.  See the museum site for information about ticket purchase.

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