Subway Surfers (Tokyo), Cute Kill (Zombies), One Epic Knight Endless Runners For Android and Iphone

Tap and swipe games on touch devices can be so much fun! No D-pads or other controls, but the implementations are the limit.  These 3 games in the endless runner genre are pretty good as:
  1. They don't need you to both swipe and tilt your device like Temple Run (fun, but I don't like it as much as these).  They are swipe only or tilt only.
  2. They are good implementations of the genre.
  3. They are innovative in their own way.
  4. They are FUN and stack up well against any dedicated hand held game. 
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Subway Surfers (Tokyo Theme version reviewed)
Subway Surfers is a pretty fun little endless runner where you and your graffiti artist friends go running down the train tracks being chased by a railway cop and his dog.  The controls work pretty good and you need to flip back and forth on 3 rail tracks while dodging, jumping, or sliding under obstacles.  The graphics are fresh and right now (MAY 2013) it is showing a city theme of Tokyo.  It is very pretty and I love the background graphics.  I don't think I'm updating it to the next city on my Ipad when the next update rolls out (or save a backup).   There are cherry blossoms, signage and buildings that look like Tokyo, vending machines on the rail platforms, and Tori Gates.  Very nice.  Best of all it is free and availabe for android and IOS.  Some of the unlockables cost a godawful number of coins, but the base game is still fun.  Might be worthwhile splurging $5 to double the number of coins collected per run.  I might do it just because I've enjoyed the game so much.  The paint powered jet pack is awesome.

Cute Kill
This was going to be added to my Zombie Games and Cover Shooter post, but I figured it belonged here more.  This game has you playing the role of the older sister carrying her baby brother who know how to handle all sorts of weaponry from pistols to grenade launchers.  You are running for safety (the end of the level) while the baby shoots behind you at the pursuing monsters, zombies, and undead beasties.  This is way more fun than it sounds and you have a combat knife for close in work.  There are even comics between major level sets and you're trying to find your parents.  I saw a guy on the plane playing this and snagged my own copy after we landed.  You shouldn't have to spend money on this, but I bought a few diamonds to support the developer. This game require tilting from side to side with automatic firing.  On Android and IOS.

One Epic Knight
This is from the creators of Tiny Heroes (a great dungeon defence game - well worth its low price).  Epic Knight has you, the Knight, running through the tunnels and jumping chasms, dodging traps, and is an epic amount of fun.  My fingertips hurt from playing this game for awhile.   You collect coins, jewels, treasure chests, shields and swords, and mana crystals.  Shields allow you to smash obstacles / traps. Swords allow you to kill monsters (orcs, chests disguised as monsters, and jelly cubes).  With enough mana crystals you will go on a super speed and powered rampage for awhile and be invincible.  Excellent design, great power ups to purchase, and did I mention the Treasure Hoard you can find in the Dragon's Lair!  For Iphone only.


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