Yamashiroya, A Big Ueno Toy Store To Visit

I have another toy store to add to anyones bucket list of places to shop at in Tokyo today.  Yamashiroya is another big toy store like Kiddyland that is well worth a visit.  Hunt for the name and you'll find videos on Youtube if you want a more detailed look.  This store would be a good place to visit if you were seeing Ueno Park, the Ameyoko shopping district, or any of the wonderful museums in the area such as the National Museum.  I blogged about a visit to the area here on my last trip to Tokyo.  Also of note is the Just below is the front of the store from Google Streetview.

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Yamashiroya is near the main Ueno Station south exit.  You come out, head east under the train tracks and it is just there on the other side.  There may be toy displays outside, but look for the sign too.
It occupies the most of a small building with six floors of toys, figures, model kits, character goods, stuffies, and games. The store is packed with glass cabinets displaying an amazing assortment of toys and you can find something for any anime or Japanese toy brand in the store. This makes the store crowded, but a wonderful place to browse and shop. You'll be able to spend money here without thinking too hard.

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Website: http://www.e-yamashiroya.com/
Tel: 03-3831-2320
東京都台東区上野 Address:6丁目14−6 ‎Tokyo, Taito, Ueno +81 3-3831-2320 〒110-0005
Closest subway station: Ueno (on the JR Yamanote line)
Store hours: 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM

My blog post about my 2016 visit to Yamashiroya
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