My Favourite Tokyo Starbucks and Bills for Breakfast

Have a morning and an afternoon to kill in Tokyo by eating and drinking coffee?  Well, head down to Omotesando and the Tokyu Plaza Mall.  It's located on Jingumei, the main street, at the intersection on top of Meijijingumae Station.  On the roof is a wonderful patio / urban garden, a really classy looking Starbucks Omohara and Bills Omotesando Restaurant in one convenient package.
Tokyu Plaza

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Cool Mirrored Entrance
Lots of shopping in the Tokyu Hands store inside.
Rooftop Garden Patio
Starbucks with fancy drinks and a great dessert cabinet.  Check their link below.

View from the roof.

It was raining the day I visited this Starbucks and the inside was packed, but I was pretty impressed by the layout and setup.  You could take your drinks out onto the rooftop garden when the weather was nice and relax.  A little crowded, as a lady bumped into my tray with coffee, but not too much spilled.  The rooftop garden in an urban setting seems isolated from the hustle and bustle below.  The building and the restaurants are relatively recent and worth a visit if you are in the area.

For breakfast, I'm going to have to try this Bills Omotesando, an extension of the restaurants from Australia that is supposed to serve the best breakfast in Sydney.  There's often a lineup, but it might not be too bad depending on the day you visit.  Have a nice, hearty, eggy breakfast.  Then, if you haven't had enough coffee, head down to the patio below to Starbucks for dessert and more coffee.  They have a nice selection of pastries and cakes here.  It is a showcase store for Starbucks and it shows!!!

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