Shibuya PARCO and the One Piece Mugiwara Store

The Shibuya PARCO is a little powerhouse mall of shopping and dining found in a couple of annexes in Shibuya.  Plenty of fashions here to browse and buy in the first 5 floors.  You have a variety of stores that run from the more mainstream to the eclectic. 
On the 6th floor there is anime related shopping, especially the dedicated One Piece Mugiwara Store, Namco character shops, a funky Village Vanguard store, and other shops.  Above this on floors 7 and 8 are some restaurants and even theme cafes.  If you're in Shibuya and wandering around, it is worth a visit after seeing Shibuya 109, Tower Records, the Tokyu Hands, Uniqlo, etc.  Also, if you are wandering around and see various bakeries, you might want to drop in as the pastries and cakes are usually scrumptious.
Life Size Luffy and Chopper
There is plenty of artwork and merchandise in this store.  If you're a One Piece fan, it is unlikely your wallet will escape unscathed.
The store isn't huge like a Pokemon Center, but is is a pretty good size.  It is nicely themed.
One Piece merchandise and food.
One Piece toys. Lots of blind boxes.  There are plenty of wanted posters and t-shirts to get too.
Try your luck with One Piece gashapon machines.
Yowamushi Pedal Store
This was a popup store, and I'm sure it'll be  different anime when you visit.
Nice roomy store full of merchandise.
A limited time My Melody Popup Cafe.  Again, the theme will be different when you visit.
The menu at the My Melody Cafe.  Looks cute and yummy.

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