Retro Tokyo Mini-Theme Park (Showa Era) at the Decks in Odaiba with Takoyaki Too!

On the man-made island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay are numerous attractions ranging from Fuji TV, to the giant 1:1 scale Gundam, to the Science Museum.  There are also several malls, and many other smaller attractions.  Located in the Decks Mall, there used to be a Retro Hong Kong street, but that has been gone for awhile.  Now, there is a small retro theme park that brings a carnival atmosphere of yesteryear during the Showa Period.  This was the age of Godzilla, hard working salarymen and factory workers, all rebuilding Japan into the industrial power it is today.

Anyhow, I like this period of Japan too as is seems so full of hope for the future and it is very nostalgic in a classic way.  Anyways, the Daiba Itchome Shopping Street in the mall is a mini-theme park representing this traditional Japan.  If you explore the mall, you'll just wander into it on the upper levels.
Retro Arcade
The Shopping Street is full of store selling retro goods, there are game arcades with old style games, and it is all decorated to look like the 1950s or so.  It is actually a lot of fun to walk through and somewhat reminiscent of the 1950s street at the Yokohama Ramen Museum which also wants to invoke this nostalgia.  It is all in fun though, and it does look like the carnival rolled into town with all of the bright colours, flags, and decorations.

A little further in on the street, there is also a little food court dedicated to that Japanese festival treat, the Takoyaki or battered octopus balls.  These little treats are delicious.
Takoyaki covered in mayo, tako sauces, smoked bonito shavings.... yum.

You take the Yurakamome Monorail to Odaiba.  It is completely automated with no driver.
It's the Astro Boy arcade.  Look at the old style games.
The main street.  Even has an old scooter on the left along with vending machines.
Even has a mockup of the first bullet train.
Old style telephone booth and trash can.

You can even sit under the sakura blossoms at the Tokyo Tower!
Also here is the Takoyaki Museum for you to get your fill of tasty battered balls of octopus.  If you aren't squeamish and want a savoury and sweet treat, takoyaki are delicious!
The Tokoyaki Museum entrance.
An old style house, with back yard.
I really liked this old style game that give fortunes based on the original sculpted panel in Rome.  Do you remember the movie Roman Holiday?  The scene with the Bocca della Verità aka The Mouth of Truth.
Right next to it was also a vending machine that had canned ramen!

The ramen vending machine up close.
Cans of ramen and oden stew for a quick meal.  I almost bought one of these for a souvenir to take home but it is like buying a can of soup for a souvenir and kind of heavy.

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