Chicken Ramen Lemon Pepper Big Cup Noodle

I managed to get one of the Chicken Ramen Lemon Pepper Big Cup Noodles awhile back (whew - that name is quite a mouthful, so we'll just call it CRLPCN from now on).  I've always been fond of Chicken Ramen (Chikin Ramen from Nissin) since the first time I tasted it, as it is a smokey, savory chicken that is unlike the usual chicken flavourings.  When there is a cup noodle that combines both Chicken Ramen and fried chicken (karaage), I'm in with both feet.

This particular CRLPCN release commemorates the 60th anniversary of the creation of the original Chikin Ramen back in 1958 by Momofuku Ando who founded Nissin too.  It is of the big cup variety, which is like 50% larger than the regular cup, so there is plenty of noodles,fried chicken, and egg inside.  The cup itself is very attractive too with the bright orange colours and images of noodles and karaage, and just makes you want to have one for a snack or meal.

Chicken Ramen Lemon Pepper Big Cup Noodles in the large paper cup.  The cup is never hot to hold as the outside is covered in a smooth foam that insulates the cup from your hand, yet takes colour printing really well.   On top is the lemon and pepper satchet.
Side view of this tasty CRLPCN show the Chikin Ramen logo in orange and brown at the top and some big celebratory statements blow in yellow and red.  It makes for a very nice image between the colours, writing, picture of the noodles.
Back of the cup with the nutritional information.  It is about 14.4 grams of fat per 90 grams of noodles.
Ingredients and warnings.  Never microwave a styrofoam cup or a paper cup by the way.
More info.

The top lid of the cup.  You can see some confetti at both sides to indicate it is a celebration.  The little chick mascot for Chikin Ramen is show squeezing a lemon.  You can also see the flecks of black pepper on the karaage.
This little bird is really cute.  I have a stuffy of him/her.
Finally, a look inside the cup of wonders.  Peeling the lid back reveals the chicken ramen with the soup based infused into the surface of the noodles.  You can see pieces of green onion, red pepper, 10 pieces of fried chicken, and some pieces of egg omelette.
Closeup of the ingredients.  The fried chicken looks good even though it is dehydrated.

I added my boiling water in and let it sit for three big minutes.
While the ramen is rehydrating, here is a closeup of the underside of the lid.  A rough Google translation of Momofuku Ando's biography says: Founder of Nissin Foods, 1958, the world's first instant noodle "inventing chicken ramen, creating instant noodles industry In 1971, invented the world's first cup noodle "cup noodle"and create a new food culture World. Total annual demand developed to about 100 billion meals. With the age of 95, in 2005 it developed the world's first space ramen "Space Lamb" to support human "food" in space.  The translation is really rough at the end as I'm not sure it is lamb ramen, etc.

The tasty looking noodles in the regular golden chicken broth.
Once the noodles were ready to eat I ripped open the lemon and pepper satchet.  There was a very rich aroma of lemon and pepper to it.  I sprinkled the powder and pepper into the soup then mixed everything together.  The soup had a nice lemony tang to it with some heat provided by the black pepper.  The fried chicken was delicious, the egg pieces fluffy, and the noodles firm, but you can let the noodles soak too long in the broth as they are best in the first few minutes.  All too soon, I had eaten everything and drank all of the soup.  This was two thumbs up from me and I'd buy it again for sure.
Closeup of the noodles and fried chicken.
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