Tsukiji Market Atmospheric Photos

Tsukiji Market specializes in fish and other seafoods, but it also has a lot of character that comes from being an old establishment.  When it moves to its new location, you can bet that much of the character of the market will be lost.  From the inner fish market to the outer market with shops and restaurants, here are a few interesting photos I took of small things.
Photographing tuna cutting.
Octopus up close.
One of their little carts that hauls around boxes of fish.
A boiling kettle and pots.
Old biycyles
Bonito shavings.
Tamago shrine.
Parked bikes.
Old weigh scales.
Back of a building.

I've only been to Tsukiji twice and there is always something interesting to see if you keep your eyes open.  Interesting views abound and there are also all the different types of snacks and foods you can eat in the outer market.  There is tamago omlettes on a stick, tempura, sushi, even the original Yoshinoya beef bowl restaurant.  All this is probably going to change in the future so enjoy it now.

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