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Tokyo Craze - Part 07 (Travelogue / Tips)

Day 7: Tuesday - Tokyo Disneysea We Go!
Nov 2, 2009

Slept in a bit.  Up by 7:30 AM, ate at McDonald’s again and off to Tokyo Station to transfer to the Oeido Line to Mihama by 9 AM.  From here you can walk to Disney, but if want to go to Disneysea, you want to take the Disney monorail for another 240 yen to save time.  Waited 20 minutes at the front gate in another line to buy tickets to get in to Disneysea and then I had to orient myself.  Wish I had a guide to Disneysea.  Blew the fast pass as I should have grabbed one for Journey to the Center of the Earth first and lined up for the Indiana Jones to wait it out.  Instead, I did Storm Rider, which was cool as the lines were shorter.  It was really crowded at the fast pass for Storm Rider was 12:10 when I was in at 10 AM, and then the next pass for Indiana Jones was for 7 PM.   

CRAZY, so I knew my day was kind of shot as half of Tokyo must have been here.  In retrospect, I assumed it wouldn't be that busy as I thought that lots of people would be working, but it was a nice long 4 day weekend if you took the Monday off as Tuesday was a national holiday.  I wasn't thinking too clear on this. DOH!

The park was packed with people.  I would say it was kind of like a super unpleasant Disney experience with all the lines for everything.   I had a 2.5 hour wait for the main ride I came to see, which was Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Journey was pretty cool and the waiting areas are well decorated to distract you, but not enough for 2.5 hours.  Fortunately I had a PSP to kill the time, while the Japanese were using cell phones and Nintendo DSs.  I guess I would hate to see the park if it was even busier.  The place is actually relatively compact & swarms with people when crowded.  The Captain Nemo Mysterious Island setup is pretty cool with the erupting volcano.  They did splurge on the sets.

Given the main shops were mobbed, it was like Disney at closing time in the States.  Had some tasty curry at Arabian Nights then walked around the grounds some more in the dark and left at 6 PM.  I was glad I brought drinks and snacks with me as there were lines for all the food except ice cream as the day was cool and overcast with a slight hint of rain every so often.  I was glad to see the Mysterious Island and Journey, but I would want to try and buy tickets in advance somehow and get there for opening or within a half hour of opening through the turnstile to get to the rides.

The Halloween extravaganza was on at the time and it was busy for a weekday between Sunday and a Tuesday that was a national holiday.  Shortest line up that day was for 40 minutes just to take the ferry boat.  The gift shops were a little disappointing as they were more cute than themed by attraction.  No good souvenirs for the Mysterious Island except for some pipes and nautical stuff (but generically nautical – no miniature Nautiluses).  It is about a 15-20 minute walk to Disneysea from the Train Station.

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