Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free or Cheap Japanese Iphone Games

Awhile back I posted about Anime Themed Iphone / Ipad apps.  Today, I'm going to list a bunch of free or cheap games that are Japanese in origin or in theme.  I've tried a bunch of these and they are pretty fun or at least have the potential to be fun!

My other app list pages:
These apps are free - but always check the price before buying.

(new August 2012) Mysterious Creatures
Find the mystery creatures lurking in the piles of small whitefish (a Japanese food item).  Bizarre!

(new August 2012) Mochi Pettan
Make mochi in the traditional style with a big mallet!

(new August 2012) Wako BBQ
Grill food in the Korean / Japanese style.

(new August 2012) Taiyaki
Make tasty Taiyaki with different fillings.

ElectroMaster By xionchannel
Zap your competitors.  This is a little NES style 8-bit game that is pretty fun.

HungryMaster By xionchannel
Turn monsters into food.  This is the followup to ElectroMaster.

Boost by Nitobi Software
This one is a pretty fun little app.  You try to fly as far as you can in a little diamond shaped spaceship while picking up little fuel blocks and avoiding the big spherical asteroids.  You burn fuel at a constant rate, so boosting as much as you can is the only way to keep moving as fast as possible to replenish your fuel. I was unable to find the link to this app, so you'll have to search the app store.  Not made in Japan either, but fun.

Planet Bom Bom By URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.
This is a fun app where you shoot robot girl into asteroids surrounding your planet.  She'll bounce off the sides of the screen and the more rocks you smash, the fewer are left to hit your planet.

Cat Shot By DAN-BALL
This is a little gem of a game.  You are a cat with a big slingshot who is shooting balls at fish flying through the air.  You knock them down and another cat catches them in a basket while another brings a reload for your slingshot.

CAT PAWING!By K.K. Amuzenet!/id425333532?mt=8
Try to hit as many things in the air with your paws before the doors close.

Cat Wake Up By FujiTV
Kids will go absolutely nuts over this as it is about flipping sleeping and waking cats into the other state.  They meow and act really cute.

SUSHI ROLL!! By FujiTV!!/id423321464?mt=8
Make sushi for the customers.  Another kitchen / server type game, but it is pretty hard but free.

CapsuleToy By Game Fish
This is a pretty amusing little game where you put a coin into a capsule machine and collect a toy.  You can display the toys in your room and take pictures of them.  Can't figure out where you put the toys after you fill up the room!

The following apps cost money $$$.

MewMew Tower By B3 United Inc
See how high you can stack different shaped kitty cats.  Cute graphics.

Warrior Nation-Gunner By Park Sun-woo
A left-right scrolling side shooter.  Was free when I got it, but it seems pretty fun.  Korean - but that's close to Japan right?

Game Dev Story By Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
This game is not the cheapest, but do go on sale every so often. This is a fun little resource / time management game.  This one has you running a game company.

Mega Mall Story By Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
This game is not the cheapest, but do go on sale every so often. This game has you running a mall.

Oh! Edo Towns By Kairosoft Co.,Ltd!-edo-towns/id474177077?mt=8
This game is not the cheapest, but do go on sale every so often. Build an Edo period Japanese town.

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