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Cool Anime / Manga Themed Apps for iPad, iPod, iPhone 
After you get an IOS device, you have to have anime apps.  There are the more common apps such as Crunchy Roll for anime viewing (hundreds of anime series for free - but you have to ignore the membership prompts properly - also easier to use with an iPad than iPhone), VIZ Media for manga, and Yen Press for more manga.
Here are a few IOS apps on my iPad that that are more off the beaten path and have an anime / japanese pop culture type theme.  I'll update this page from time to time, but the majority of the updates are now continued on the More Cool Anime or Manga Apps page below!

My other app list pages:
Akihabara Guide By Prime Style Corporation
I would say this is a cute app with some decent information for someone visiting Akiba for the first time, but I think it needs more info. Also check out my blog post on Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Information here (there is some pretty cool stuff out there).  I made a map for my own trip to Akiba (shown below) and it has annotations of some of the hotspots to see that could supplement this guide.

View Akihabara Highlights in a larger map

(new October 2012) Manga Camera BySupersoft
This is an awesome little photo app that lets you take pictures and apply different manga filters to it to make your photo look like Manga!  I've tried it and it looks really good.  So far it is free and a top download in Japan too!

(new October 2012) Visit Japan With Hello Kitty By NEC Big Globe
This is a VR app where Hello Kitty will appear in your shots at various locations in Japan (need to be in Japan though).

WorkingMirai By Mirai Inc
This app is from Danny Choo and it is pretty basic, but pretty again with a picture of his mascot girl Mirai working. There is also a Mirai 3 app.

This is basically a Haruhi Suzumia Clock.  The other characters are also available.

(new August 2012) Moe-Tra
Girls in cute costumes help you with Japanese and say cute things.

(new August 2012) EriMoekko
This is a Moe guide to the  Hidaka area in Hokkaido.  You can even take photos and automatically superimpose the two cute girls into them!

Miku Miku Mobile By Masaki Kimura
A little dancing Hatsune Miku rendered in CG.

Mugen Pop Pop™ By Bandai America Inc.
Just like the little keychain toy that was popular. Pop the bubbles, every so often a random noise happens.

Edamame Touch By 965 Studios
Mindless, but fun for awhile app that lets you pop soybeans from their pod.  There is a free version with ads at this link.  Many different beans to collect.  Reminds me of the Bandai Edamame keychain toy or the Mameshiba (豆しば ? ) Japanese merchandise franchise created by Kim Sukwon.

Angry Break (Vending Machine Style) By Absolute Imagination LLC
Its about vending machines, but not the good ones in Japan.  Again, mindless fun and free.

Nendoroid Planet By GoodSmileCompany

This little app is one of my favourites as it is a disguised tower defence game for free that you play with the little Nendoroid figures. It has a gashapon mini-game and a collectors gallery where you view the Nendoroids you have collects. All in Japanese, but I've included a link to a guy who basically explains how it all works in English!

Imaginary Range By SQUARE ENIX Co. LTD.
This app is unusual as it is a cross between a comic book and a game.  Entertaining to try out if it is still free.

Evangelion vol.5 Puzzle Lite By APPLIYA
There are a whole series of these apps as you can tell from the title (it is the fifth app). The clock app is pretty cool too, but costs some $. This one is your basic sliding puzzle game, and it is Evangelion themed, so what are you waiting for?

Itadaki Donbei (Bon Appetit Donbei) By NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS CO., LTD.

This is a promotional app for instant bowl noodles from Nissin. It is a little mini-game where you basically go through the steps of making a bowl of instant noodles. An easy registration (click agree to the privacy stuff) is now required.  All anime characters (especially geeky guys seem to live off this stuff).

Me So Ramen By Moxy Games

Time for more ramen based restaurant food prep games. You're now the ramen chef.

Ripples By vNovel Interactive

This is a short, but free, visual novel where you read a story that is PG-13.

Momonga's Snow White By DICO Co., Ltd
This is an ebook app with anime style art for the Snow White fairy tale.  Cost is $4 so it is a little expensive for about 10 pages of art, but you might find it worthwhile if you are collector or have a small child.

LAWSON By sonicjam Inc.
Here is an app to tell you where to find your local Lawson Konbini and what products they are carrying. Wonder if Shinji in Evangelion also uses it - probably not as they use DAT tapes for music so no smart phones yet - but big robots. Big robots > smartphones (probably true). Lawson also has a number of other apps, including an Evangelion augmented reality app you can use in Hakone (where Tokyo 3 is located with the big lake) to see a giant Eva blended with the landscape. See the Natural Lawson app to see the "healthy choice" line for the corporation and their new stores.  With these apps from Lawson, you can see what they are selling in the stores for quick meals.

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary By AITIA Corporation
This is a cute little app describing Hello Kitty, her friends, and was a 35th anniversary celebration app.

Also see my second Anime / Manga Apps page.

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