Saturday, May 5, 2012

Evangelion World At Fuji Q Highland Park 
West of Tokyo towards Mt. Fuji lies a theme park called Fuji-Q Highland Park. At this park, is Evangelion World.  Evangelion World is another place I would like to see with partial reconstructions of 1:1 scale Evangelions.  There's a lot of cool stuff to see in Japan, but if you were just touring giant robot exhibitions it would take a few days!  There is also a Gundam exhibit at the park too.  You can pretend to go for the roller coaster that looks absolutely deadly with the vertical drop, but you're really there for the anime.

 All photos in this article are used under the creative commons license from acetonic on Flickr. 

Evangelion World takes you inside a partial recreation of key scenes from Evangelion and the NERV Headquarters.  You walk down hallways modeled in the style of the show and you'll see scenes from the remake movies.  And of course, you have your picture taken with the big robots!  There is plenty of Evangelion art and life-size dioramas.  I've embedded some movies below to show the atmosphere of the big sets and such.

Grand opening of Evangelion World

Making of Evangelion World

Tour through Evangelion World.  It is open again, not closed as it says in the video. - very cool official site with flash. - official site. Hit the English link.
Front of Evangelion World - this outpost of NERV is very purple.
Eva Unit 01 Big Figure
A couple of people in front of EVA-01's life size head in Cage 1 for scale.
Big Head of Eva-02 Breaking Through Wall in Beast Mode
Remember the elevator scene with Rei and Asuka from the movie?
The UCC Canned Coffee Scene with Shinji and Ryoji the triple agent.
Kaworu the angel.

Mari the temporary pilot of EVA-02 from the second movie
Asuka with Eva-02
Man I would love to go see this stuff, but it would be a day trip from Tokyo for this and the rest of the park.

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Some other links to information about the park.

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