Saturday, September 1, 2012

Japanese Art / Photo Apps for iPad, iPod, iPhone

There are a great many Japanese art / photo apps for the iPad and iPhone.  I have listed a few that I keep on my own iPad below.  Some are free, some are not, but they are not generally expensive and look pretty nice!  Look for many other apps from the various museums on the App store there too.

My other app list pages:
Taro Map
This is a guide to the art installations of famous painter and sculptor Taro Okamoto in Tokyo.  You'll see his sculptures in Ginza and a massive painting of his in the Shibuya Train Station.
For more information:

Japanese Traditional Art Gallery
Many nice images for traditional Japanese art prints and paintings.  Not much information, but the pictures are pretty.

Animal Giga
This is a COOL APP.  It simulates a scroll of the Choju Giga that is famous for the humorous depictions of animals acting like humans and is known as the first manga.
For more information on Giga.

The 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō Road. Hiroshige Utagawa painted ukiyo-e. Classic and very pretty.
For more information on Hiroshige:
For more information on the Tokaido Road itself.

36 views of Mount Fuji. Hokusai Katsushika painted ukiyo-e. Classic and very pretty.
For more information:

NOTE: if you want to use an image as a wallpaper, press the sleep / wake button at the top right corner and the big round Home button at the bottom simultaneously.  It will save the image to your photo roll.

Silent Fiction
This is an app from a photography exhibit in Tokyo where the photos were enhanced to show what the city would look like if it were immersed by water.  Very peaceful and eerie at the same time.

SkyTree Timer
This is a neat little app that is a timer for boiling eggs, cooking ramen, or holding your breath.  It shows the Skytree being built as the time passes.  Very nicely done!

Fotopedia Japan
Very nice photos from all over Japan.

Game Related
iSpot Japan
This is a spot the difference between two versions of the same picture game. I upgraded to the full version and played it for quite awhile.

Pocket Pond
Want a koi pond in your pocket?  Photo-realistic,very pretty, and relaxing with lilypads and fish.

Wa Kingyo
This is a pretty app with a goldfish pond.  The app shows painted goldfish in an environment that you can choose and it is a very pretty app that is different from the above Pocket Pond.

Magic Ink
This app simulates ink brush on paper drawing or writing.  A simple, but interesting little app.  You can make some pretty patterns.

Fuji Leaves
This is an interactive game where you create music with falling leaves and stones.


  1. do you have some Japanese application for android?

  2. Sorry, I only post about the apps on IOS. I don't really have the time to check for more.


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