Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Cool Anime or Manga Apps For Iphone or Ipad 
Last updated December 8, 2012 and into 2013.

Hey!  Hope things are going well.  My other anime and manga app page here was getting pretty big so I'm starting a second page with some new goodies on it.

My other app list pages:
EVAスライドパズル 使徒殲滅作戦
By MediaMagic Co.,Ltd.

This is an Evangelion vs angel match X of a tile type game where your eva battles one angel at a time.  You can only shift tiles left and right on a row and it is quite challenging.  I'd say it is almost too challenging as I haven't been able to unlock Asuka yet  (I finally did it last night.  You can do it on easy if you try to maximize your score against each angel with 3 cascading combos to score bonus points).  The production quality, graphics and sound are quite nice and it wasn't a cheap purchase, but I have enjoyed playing it.

By ColoPL, Inc. (added January 10, 2013)
A knock the prizes down with a pop cork gun game simulator.  Simulates the fairground game you see at Japanese festivals.  Controls work pretty good, and you can have lots of fun if you have some patience and don't spend a pile of money buying corks and such.  You get enough free corks to have fun each day.  I've found the special prizes that appear in the background pretty hard to hit, but the rest is fun.!/id488553344

QBeat -キュウべぇビート-
This is a whack a mole type game where you try and tap the Kyubeys from Madoka Magica.  Very simple with nice theme music.

Kill QB
By Ringo Games
A Fruit Ninja style game based on Madoka Magica where you slice the Kyubeys and witches, but not the soul gems or magical girls.  Again, a simple game, but nicely executed.

My Girls Camera Free - Reunion
By a1c
This is a pretty good little app where you can take a photo and pick a selection of anime girls in different costumes to superimpose into the picture.  Based of a visual novel, but an awesome little app for free at the time of writing.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann -iYoko mini-
By MediaMagic Co.,Ltd.
I've written about several different apps like this where you get to tap an anime girl to get her to do or say stuff (see the original post).  This app is cheap, but there is a more expensive version with multiple costumes for Yoko from Gurren Lagaan.

AddressBook HatsuneMiku edition
By MediaMagic Co.,Ltd.
I would probably prefer the Hatsune Miku address book organizer over the Super Sonico version, but again I don't have it on my iPad.  Graphics look nice.

AddressBook SuperSonico edition
By MediaMagic Co.,Ltd.
I'm not using this app myself, but it is free if you need your address book organized by Super Sonico.

Dungeon Village
By Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
A dungeon sim / village builder from Kairosoft.  These guys make good, fun games and it is reasonably priced.

Blind Man's Dungeon
This is more of an arcade style game where your knight must be guided by fairies to the various treasures.  The knight can only turn right when it bumps into an obstacle.  Different!

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space
By Istom Games Kft.
There are many Nyan Cat games, but this one seems to have good tunes and lots of play value.

Shizuku Talk
By OperaHouse Corporation
A cute, well animated anime girl talks to you about news and stories of interest when you tap on her.  The show is updated several times every day.

Kami of Typing - Keyboard speed game!
By Toshihiko Arai
Check your typing speed with a shrine maiden in English and Japanese.

By Seasun Entertainment
A side scrolling jumper where you take a ninja cat on adventures with various power-ups including one that turns you into a Totoro-like beasty.

Moe! Omikuji
Japanese fortune telling sim.  Shake the container to drop a stick then look up your fortune.!-omikuji/id529539938


  1. i have likely doubled the amount of apps on my iphone because of you ><

    thankyou :3

    1. I'm glad you found the posts useful. When I first started looking for apps I couldn't find any good lists of stuff so I'm happy to help! A full iphone is a happy iphone :)