Sunday, January 5, 2014

Redux - Videos That Make You Want To Visit Japan and Tokyo

I think we have all seen something on TV or in a movie that makes us think that it would be cool to be there and see it for yourself.  Before my first visit to Tokyo I have to say that I was pretty pumped to go and see it.  I'd been to some pretty great cities before, but the mix of history, pop culture, anime, shopping, great architecture, food, and history was a combination that can't be beat. Before I went I also viewed piles of video that just made me want to go even more - watching anime doesn't help either.  So without any further introductions, here is a list of videos to inspire you or let you reminisce about Tokyo.
  • Alone in Tokyo.  Shot in Tokyo by Philipp Bloom in 2008 when a shoot he was going to do dematerialized.
  • Our Dreamland by Ainio.  He has never been to Japan, but has made an awesome video about it based on the things that anime have shown him.  It is a short video about inspiration, dreams, and human creativity!
  • Tokyo GlowI love this little video as it is about a magical night time journey of an illuminated man from a crosswalk sign as he embarks on an adventure through the streets of Tokyo.
  • Hayaku - A Time Lapse Journey Through JapanA wonderful little piece that takes you all over Japan.
  • inter  states (Tokyo time lapse). Very cool time lapse music video.
  • remanence  variance (Tokyo time lapse)Another very cool time lapse music video.
  • Legendary BiruAnd if you have never seen this whacky commercial about how Sapporo makes its beer, you're in for a treat. CG was done in Canada!
  • 10 Crazy Facts About JapanA mini-documentary
  • Japan - The Strange CountryAnother mini-documentary.

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