Monday, May 20, 2013

My ebook Raid on Kahamba made the Amazon top 100 free scifi list (FREE for a limited time)

Thanks to everyone who downloaded it here or from Reddit. It is now in the top 100 free science fiction downloads for Amazon! The high point was hitting #50, but that is still pretty good.

Raid on Kahamba is my novella length followup to HARM which introduced my battlefield mechas.  I write a "realistic" style of military SF that blends both anime mecha elements and hard SF elements together, but I try to keep my characters front and centre.  These stories are set in a future which has humanity sharing the world with the alien Blue Newts.  The Blue Newts invaded the Earth and basically reshaped the global political structure after they carved out their territories. 

Raid on Kahamba is a fast paced story about a team of commandos backed up by mechas racing to retrieve an alien artifact. The story continues building the Exocrisis Blue universe, has plenty of action, and keeps the focus on characters who will play a greater role later.

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Amazon UK

I haven't promoted Raid on Kahamba as much as HARM, but it is available free right now as I'm using up a number of my promo days due to it being enrolled in the Amazon KDP program.

If you enjoy it, also check out HARM, and I'm serializing the draft of Exocrisis Blue: Neo-Ace at Wattpad too.  Neo-Ace is the next installment of the Exocrisis Blue series.

If you grab a copy of Raid, I'd appreciate a good review if you enjoyed it, and please spread the word as the free link is only good till May 24th.


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