Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tasty Nissin Instant Ramen

Instant ramen is something that I have been eating for a very long time.  My earliest recollection is in the 1970s with the Doll brand ramen out of Hong Kong.  It is a food product that might not be the healthiest for you, but I do like it a great deal.  Freshly made ramen from a good shop is always better, but if there isn't a shop handy then instant is the next best thing.  For my instant ramen eating I am predisposed towards Nissin brand products as their noodles have the best texture and the soup bases are good.  If anyone from Nissin is reading this, give me a buzz if you want me to try one of your products :)  I also think the Japanese paper cup for the cup noodles is very well designed with the insulating sleeve on the outside.
A few years ago they were running Gundam Cup Noodle promos.
A nicely detailed little model of a Gundam RX78-2 was included as a bonus.
Lots of ingredients for their basic soy flavoured ramen that was in the Gundam cup.
 In particular, the Nissin products from the Asian region are my favourites as they have the best flavours.  I also rarely just eat the noodles by themselves and add veggies, meat, and eggs whenever possible to the noodles.  Ramen that is ready in 3 minutes after adding the old boiling water seems to always hit the spot.  I've been to Japan twice now and both times I've hunted down their higher end instant ramen products that are not available in Canada.

On my last trip to Tokyo in February of 2013 I managed to find their new Nissin Raoh noodles that I read about in the news.  If you read the article you find out that these noodles are pretty high tech to produce the texture as they go through several production processes.  These noodles are actually pretty good for taste and texture and I tried both their bowl noodle and packet versions.
Nissin Raoh deluxe bowl noodles
 These are not two hundred yen products ($2) as they cost up to double that, but they are yummy!  The one pictured above is a soy sauce flavour.
Plenty of ingredients and flavour packets.
 There are powder ingredients, sauce packets, green onion, onion, a freeze dried piece of pork, bamboo shoots, etc.  It was actually a really nice bowl of noodles when it was done with a very flavourful soup and I enjoyed it all very much.
The noodles were good!
Some of the other Nissin products from Japan I have tried are pictured below. I'll post about some the easier to find products from their Hong Kong subsidiary and other Cup Noodle products in other posts.

The packet form of the Raoh noodles.
Tasty Shoyu!
Their Goota brand of deluxe bowl noodle.
Again, there are plenty of ingredients to add that included a piece of pork.
I only ever had this once years ago and it was a very tasty, savoury bowl of ramen in my memory.

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