Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hobbylink Japan (HLJ) Carrying Cup Noodle Instant Ramen Now

Just this morning I was browsing the old Internet (I should have been working on my SF writing, but I'm working on that next right after this post).  Anyhow, Hobbylink is now selling non-perishable food in the form of certain snacks and instant ramen.  This caught my attention as finding Nissin products in Calgary or Edmonton is pretty hard and not very reliable.  The prices were reasonable and the shipping via SAL (surface, air, land - the cheapest form) isn't too bad even if it takes longer.

I've bought many an item from HLJ over the years and they have been very reliable for charging and reasonable shipping.  They seem are good at packaging and shipping estimates, something that many other vendors are not good at (they estimate only at the point they pack your order rather than in advance).

UPDATE: May, 2014
HLJ doesn't carry noodles any more.  I'll post a followup about where to buy instant ramen on the web under my Pop Culture Page when I have a chance. 
UPDATE: Feb, 2016
HLJ seems to be back in the noodle business again. So check them out.

After I browsed what they had available I put in an order for instant ramen and a few other items.  They had the deluxe Raoh, Kalbi, Sio, and some more limited Italian Curry Ramen too.  You'll see updated posts with some more instant ramen reviews in the future!

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