Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Batch of Japanese Themed Apps

It has been awhile since I posted about apps about Japan.  I've been pretty busy writing my scifi novel Neo Ace, but here is a belated update.  This update has a variety of apps that are utilities, games and educational software for IOS devices.

Yamanote Line.  I listed some Yamanote related apps on another one of the pages.  I kind of love this train line as it is so useful for transportation and iconic.  I've read that it carries a billion passengers a year!

Moku Hanga by JixiPix
This app makes your pictures look look like a Japanese Woodblock print.  $1.99.

Tap Hanabi by Seesaa Inc.
This is a simple little app that allows you to set off a fireworks shows with various Japanese locales include Tokyo with the Rainbow Bridge.  I thought it was pretty fun for free.

Enjoy Learning Tokyo Map Puzzle by Digital Gene
This was a cool little app that basically has you memorize the prefectures in Tokyo so you know your basic geography.  Plays like filling in a jigsaw and it was free the last time I checked!  This is a keeper.

Notakto by Counterwave, Inc.
This was a pretty nifty concept.  It is a variant of Xs and Os where both players make X's and the first to do three in a row loses.  The Japanese themed art is nice and it is a great app for free!  On my Ipad.

Samurai Wars
Lead your samurai armies in a tactical wargame in realtime.  It is a tabletop wargame simulator and is an awesome little app for free if you like wargames.  Great job on this freebie!

Pillbug Collection by 58works
Squash little pillbugs of different colors and types to collect them all. Had to admit I played this for a bit... more entertaining than it sounds for free.

Pigg Fishing in River by Ameba Pig
A scoop the fish as a bear kind of game.  Not quite sure what else to say.  Free at writing.

Pigg Crane Game by Ameba Pigg
A variant of the UFO claw catcher game where you have a UFO pick stuff up.  Different and free at the time of writing.

Hiragana Pixel Party by Springloaded
This is a really good rhythm learning game for Hirigana.  Great deal to start at the price for free and it looks great!  I really liked this but thought it could use an easier mode where things are still spaced a little further apart.  

TenuGo Kana (Hirigana and Katakana)
This app lists the kana and pronounces them for you too.   There are flash cards and quizzes.  I liked it and you should probably check this out if you're learning Japanese.

Learn Japanese Hiragana! by Makoto Ishida!/id708363188?mt=8
This is a simple little learning game for Hiragana for the younger ones who already speak Japanese way better than me.  Nice little free download.

Hiroshige: Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido by Wei Yao
This is a nicely designed art app to show the wood block prints of Hiroshige.  I previously posted about several other free apps relating to ukiyo-e art prints too, but this one seems to have more information in it.  Free at the time of writing.

A sightseeing guide in Japanese to the Doou area in Hokkaido.  That northern island has a few apps like this now where there are cute mascot characters that you can add into local photos.  Good if you read Japanese.

Defense Witches for iPhone / iPad by Newgate
A tower defense game using cute anime characters as the defenders.  I played a half dozen levels and thought it was fairly well done and fun with nice moe art.  What more could you want for free in a tower defense game?

Groove Catch Free by WG Publishing
There is the regular edition of Groove Catch too for $2.99 at the time of writing.  I'm posting about the free one as you can see if you like the app first.  It is a 500 MB download for the full version, but you get a fair number of songs to play the rhythm games with.  Nice anime themes and such and it seems like it could be pretty fun based on the sample.  Hatsune Miku and more.

Check out the main Japan / Japanese apps page here.

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