Sunday, December 29, 2013

Donbe Big Tempura Udon and Nissin Chicken Instant Ramen Bowl

Just a brief post today.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas and is looking forward to the new year.  Over the last little bit, I've had the opportunity to try a couple of other Nissin Instant Ramen products and they were up to their normal tasty goodness.

Donbe Big Tempura Udon
This is a nice big bowl of instant udon noodles in the typical soy / dashi type broth for udon noodles.
Nice packaging, but the photo shows the lettering upside down as the nice side of the bowl faced this way.
There is a dry flavour packet, a big disk of shrimp/vegetable tempura.
Add the boiling water and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.  Then add the disc of tempura which would otherwise get completely soggy.
Looks yummy! Was filling.

Nissin Instant Chicken Ramen Bowl
This is a nice way to eat Nissin's classic chicken ramen flavoured instant noodles.  I'm not sure why this chicken flavour is not sold in North America.  It is a nice rich, roasted/smokey chicken flavour rather than the regular chicken flavour powedered you get over here.

Classic looks and brandiing.  Little Line Messaging App promo tie-in.
The chicken stock is baked onto the noodles and the extra ingredients came in a little puck that contained chicken shreds, omelet shreds of egg, and green onion.  Kind of neat!
You can see the puck kind of dissolves after adding hot water.  Wait three minutes again!
Yummy chicken ramen!
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