Saturday, April 5, 2014

Japanese Pocky and Chocolate Spring 2014

This is a photo post of some Japanese treats I saw this spring.  As usual, there are tons of different kinds of chocolate.  Look for them in your Japanese supermarket or Tokyo convenience store.  Of course I didn't eat all of this as I'd be overloaded!

Peko Chan Chocolate by Fujiya.

Strawberry Pocky
Chocolate almond
Fancy Fran dessert biscuit sticks in chocolate and strawberry.
Fruity mushroom shaped white chocolate biscuits
Taiyaki Ice Cream Bars  Strawberry and vanilla.

Spicy wasabi flavoured biscuit sticks.  Very savory and tasty.
Salmon flavoured biscuit Pretz - giant footlong breadstick size.
A roe and citrus flavoured Pretz
Panda white chocolate Pretz
Choco variety pack
Ramune flavoured gummy with collagen for nice skin.  P.S. gummies have collagen already in it!

Tomato Pretz - yummy.
Strawberry Kit Kat

Green Tea Short Pocky
Milk Chocolate Short Pocky
Strawberry Short Pocky

Rum and Raisin Pocky
White chocolate cookies
Strawberry Tarts

That's all for now.

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