Monday, April 21, 2014

Real Coffee With Japanese Instant Filter Packs

I can't say that I've seen these types of coffee filters anywhere else, but all you need is access to a cup and hot water.  These would definitely be handy if you were backpacking and didn't want instant coffee or just working out in the field.  I've tried out two brands over the years and they both made pretty good coffee and the sealed packs stay fresh for a long time.  It is about a 75 cents a cup when I found them imported from Japan, but the actual price in Japan will be far less.  The single cup coffee makers are going to give these items a run for their money, but if you're travelling light or at the office needing a fix, these are the way to go.
I previously published a post of about the Japanese coffee chains and canned coffee here.

Mon Cafe
The first kind of filter was Mon Cafe, and they incorporate a paper filter with a cardboard stand that fits onto the rim of your coffee cup.  This one worked better than the other one by keeping the filter well above the cup.  Combines good coffee and papercraft - gotta love Japan.  They also had a Kona coffee variant too.

The coffee comes in individual sealed foil pouches that are very light.

Drip Coffee Bag - Royal Blend
These work the same as any drip coffee maker, and the filter just described above.  Just slowly pour your hot water through the grounds to make a nice cup of joe.  The filter hangs lower in the cup, but it still works pretty good.

The filters come in wide flat foil pouches and your tear the filter along the top serration then unfold it.

Cup of coffee

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