Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fantastic Bandai Gundam Hakovision and Hello Kitty Mecha

Bandai Japan released some interesting toys this year and Hello Kitty and Gundam are both involved. Another release of Hatsune Miku Hakovision kits is coming this summer 2014 too.

Hakovision is a little display made out of a plastic background, a clear plastic sheet, and the cardboard box the toy comes in.  Very simple and minimalist.  You assemble the toy, scan the code on the side of the box, place your cellphone on top of the box, and then you get a projection mapping lightshow with techno soundtrack to bring it to life.

I ordered a box containing a Gundam and a Zaku projection mapping kit.
Closeup of the boxes.
Here is a disassembled box, the plastic backdrop with Gundam imprint, and the clear plastic reflective sheet to give the holographic type effects.
Box assembled with plastic sheet in place.
You place your cellphone on top after scanning the URL code to get a video on Youtube.  Do this in a dark room for the best results.  I don't think my phone was a bright as it should have been, but it was still cool.
Another projection mapping scene.  Lots of lights and colors and special effects happen.

A Hakovision commercial.

Hello Kitty Chogokin Mecha
This is the 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty and Bandai has released Super Robot Mecha Kitty!  Hello Kitty pilots her own mecha like in Mazinger and a little Hello Kitty fits into the top of the mech that has rocket punch and can fly.  A pretty cool metal mecha figure that can do battle with the forces of evil.

Great Chogokin box.  You will not mistake it for another robot.  This is a Hello Kitty Giant Mech.
All the accessories and poses.
The mecha itself.  Nice sturdy metal Chogokin "Super Alloy" Kitty Mech.
Promotional Video

Other 2014 Hello Kitty Toys
Revoltech Hello Kitty with different faces and multiple points of articulation.  A very nice posable figure.  This is a very small sized Revoltech though.
Back of the box.
Hello Kitty Stackers.  These are little Kitties that you can stack into a pyramid or some other geometrical shape.  One of many different stacking toys branded by many different anime.
A Gundam based stacking toy with little ACGuy mechs.  Grabbed this on sale earlier in the year.

That's all for now!

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