Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kimuraya Bakery and Anpan, The Uniquely Japanese Bread

Anpan is a very popular sweet bun developed in Japan.  It is a well loved treat and is famous enough to even have a long running anime character named after it, Anpanman.  The original bakey that invented it, Kimuraya, is still in business in Ginza.  In fact, the bakery invented a version of it for the emperor of Japan when he was going on a trip to see the cherry blossoms blooming.

Anpan.  Image provided via Creative Commons License from

This bread is made with yeast that is usually used for making sake and when you smell the bun there is a different aroma to it.  Inside the bread, there can be a variety of fillings, but the traditional one is red bean paste.  The emperor's version is called the Sakura Anpan and has a salted cherry blossom in the middle.  If you're in Ginza, definitely worth a stop to grab a bite to eat here to stay or to go.  The bakery has multiple floors.

KIMURAYA ( 木村家總本店 )
Address: 4-5-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3561-0091Open: 10am-9:00pm

Anpan's costs 150 to 200 yen, with many varieties, but you can also buy bread.

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Anpanman.  Image provided via Creative Commons License from

You can also visit Anpanman Terrace for more anpan fun!

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