Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Small Sidewalk / Standing Bar In Yurakucho Under The Tracks

I saw this on Four Square and it looked like one of those little vending machine refreshment areas you sometimes hear about in Japan.  It has fridges, a few tables, vending machines for various drinks, and is open to the outside.  This place is just south of the Bic Camera at Yurakucho station.

Place looks very atmospheric as a watercolor.


It and a number of other shops and restaurants are located right under the train tracks here.  You'll find many bars / restaurants under the tracks along the Yamanote Line here, with many more both the north and south of here and towards Ginza.  Not sure about the ambiance, but you're outside for a break if you stop here so you'll probably like it.

Tokyo International Forum, Bic Camera, Ginza Yakitori, and the Toho Godzilla Statue are also near here.

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