Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 2014 Special Events in Tokyo for Lawson, Final Fantasy, Doraemon, Pokemon, and Godzilla

This is another year where I kind of wish I was in Tokyo for the last half of August.  A few years ago I missed that awesome Tokusatsu Exhibit which probably hurts the most.  Anyhow, this August there are a few special anime related exhibitions / events going on.  Not all of them run for all of August but a few do.

6.6 meter high Godzilla Bust at Tokyo Midtown.  Image via Creative Commons license from Yusuke Umezawa.
Godzilla Meets Tokyo Midtown
On the back lawn over at this office / mall Tokyo Midtown complex is a 1/7 scale Godzilla that is (6.6 meters high) emerging from the grass.  It is a pretty impressive statue with tail and giant footprints.  There is a light show where it's spines glow and it breathes smoke every night.  The statue will be at the complex until August 21 to celebrate the release of the new movie in Japan.

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe
At the Pasela Resorts Entertainment Complex in Akihabara, a Final Fantasy XIV Cafe is being run for August.  I blogged about the Honey Toast Cafe and Akihabara previously here.  You'll be able to dine on Final Fantasy themed food surrounded by props and other exhibits.

Hit the links for Photos.

Pokemon the Movie Exhibit
This is taking place at the Roppongi Hills Sky Deck in the Mori Tower from July 19 to August 31.  There is an entrance fee, but the exhibit looks fairly interesting if you're into Pokemon.  The exhibit celebrates the release of the latest movie, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.  A cafe of some sort is also onsite where you can order pikachu themed food and desserts. 

Also, there is some kind of Pikachu festival running for part of the month down in Yokohama.

Doraemon Overrun Roppongi Hills
Also at Roppongi Hills is a celebration of Doraemon which has like 60 larger than life Ding Dongs in a mass display on the grounds until August 24.

Attack on Titan Promotion at Lawson Convenience Stores
This isn't an exhibit, but an event that will be running at various Lawson konbini where special food and merchandise with an Attack on Titan them will be available.  Everything from pencil boards, figures, desserts, to cup noodles will available (not every store will have everything in all probability).  This runs through August.  Hit the link to see all the merchandise.

Happy visiting!

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