Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nissin Deluxe Instant Ramen Bowls

Nissin has some more deluxe instant noodle bowls this 2014.  These are usually only found in Japan, but I did manage to try a few of these this year.  These types of noodles have liquid concentrated soup stock, flavour packets, and other packets of ingredients (including real meat) to top it all off.  Even the noodles can be specially created (not fried in this case).  These definitely aren't your typical instant noodle bowls.
Torisoba Noodle Bowl
This one is a chicken and soy based broth with dehydrated chicken pieces to go into the soup.  The broth and noodles were quite tasty and I'd definitely have it again if I had one handy.  In Japan these retail for about 270 yen or around 2.5 US dollars.

Ingredients include chicken pieces, bamboo shoots, lots of green onion.

Add your hot water and wait.
Wakayama Noodle Bowl
 This one is a tokotsu (pork) based soup stock.  Even instant ramen really depends on the broth, just like fresh ramen.  The soup was rich and tasty and there was a nice mix of ingredients again for the completed soup.

Concentrated soup packet, spice packet, piece of pork, packet with bamboo shoots, green onions, fish cake slice (like naruto)

Looks tasty and delicious!

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