Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sushi Transforming Robots From Takara Tomy

Go! Go! Sushi Rangers!  These are pretty cool little toys that are both little pieces of nigiri sushi and robots.  They transform from suishi into fighting robots that will uphold justice against the forces of evil at your local sushi joint.  Takara Tomy calls them the Schalliders who seem to be a cross between Power Rangers and Transformers.  I keep thinking of Despicable Me for some reason, when Gru orders cookie robots and gets disco bots or rather sushi bots instead.

Super Sentai Sushi Rangers!  They come in these little plastic clamshells that remind me of the plates that go around in the conveyor belt sushi restaurants.  Nice touch!
In their untransformed mode they look like nigiri sushi.   With or without wasabi?  The discs are for another little game.
When I saw an article about these at Rocketnews I knew I had to get a set from HLJ.

Your sushi rangers up close with their personal weapons. From left to right: Mackerel has a gun, salmon has a bow, ebi (shrimp) has a tail, tuna has a soy sauce packet, and tamago (egg) has a hammer.
These nifty toys actually look like a salmon, tuna, tamago, mackerel, and ebi niguri sushi when untransformed.  Push down on the toppings and you get an instant transformation into a robot. There are also bad guys that look like sushi rolls too, as good guys always need villains to combat.

These are fairly inexpensive toys at 700 yen a piece and there are more coming in the form of other sushi shop accessories and other sushi items like battleship rolls.  They are a great little idea and would look pretty good on shelf or in your sushi shop.

A detailed look at the toys!

There is even a great trailer for them with classic super sentai music.

Does anyone else remember this short lived series called Sushi Pack from 2007?

Not related to this except for the word sushi is Sushi Ninjas from Japan.  An recent animated series.

Official Takara Tomy Page

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