Friday, October 3, 2014

Tokyo Viewed by Day and Night

Visiting the same area in Tokyo by day and night can give you quite a contrast in both appearance and atmosphere.  I think everyone has been down some street where they live during the day when it is lively and then again when it is dead at night.  During the day you might even feel safe and then kind of creeped out at night as the streetlights are few and far between.  Tokyo is pretty safe so I'm not usually too worried about this, but walking through parks in the dark isn't something I like.  One interesting contrast that I'll note is that many shops have steel shutters that are rolled down overnight.  When you hit a shopping area in the morning before 10 AM, it may look like a deserted area because of this, but it changes completely once the shops are open!

For photographers, the contrast between daytime and evening is pretty fantastic for many neighbourhoods and I have a number of photos to show the difference.

Shinjuku by day
Shinjuku by night
Shinjuku by day 2
Shinjuku by night 2
Shinjuku signs at night
Ginza Fujiya by day
Ginza Fujiya by night
Ginza by day
Ginza by night
Ginza by night again

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