Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nissin Craftsman / Artisan Instant Ramen Bowls

Nissin has been producing a line of instant ramen bowls in their Craftsman / Artisan (職人) lineup for awhile now.  These ramen are pretty good and use a dried type of instant noodle instead of deep fried.  The noodles remind me of their Raoh deluxe line of instant ramen which also do not fry the noodles. The noodles don't rehydrate as quickly as the fried ones.  The noodles in these are definitely firmer than what is found in regular instant ramen noodles. The amount of fat in these are slightly lower than in their regular cup noodles.  At the time of writing, they had eight kinds of ramen under this brand ( ) that range from simple soy to fancy tonkotsu pork broth.  I tried two flavours of the noodles and thoroughly enjoyed eating both of them.
Gundam approves of king-sized chickin ramen cups!

Nission Craftsman Shio Ramen
This is a salt flavour ramen in a chicken / pork soup base that was tasty in that savoury chicken way.  Add your ingredients followed by hot water and wait four minutes to eat a bowl of noodles.
Chicken flavour seems to be indicated by green packaging fairly often, but don't use that as a guide!.
There is a block of ramen noodles, a liquid sausce packet, some freeze dried vegetables (including cabbage, carrot, corn, bok choy, sesame), and a dried seasoning packet.
The finished soup and noodles ready to eat. Remember this is shio ramen so it has a salt in it to bring out the flavours!
Nissin Craftsman Soy Ramen
This is your more regular type of soy flavoured ramen.  It is a well loved taste that is also a staple flavour for both regular and instant ramen.  This brand has a nicely balanced soup base that I drank up afterwards. 
Soy ramen ramen bowl.
Closeup of the instant ramen.  Note that they are not quite as twisting as the deep fried ramen is usually found.
Dried ingredient pack (includes green onion, naruto, bamboo shoots), a piece of dried seaweed that you add in last, and a liquid soup base.  Again, add the ingredients followed by boiling water and wait for four minutes.
The darker soy based soup in the ready to eat ramen bowl!

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