Saturday, April 16, 2016

Limited Edition Love Live! Puccho Chews and Snow Halation Mini-figures

There are 3 types of wrapping, but the candy is the same.  There is one for the 3rd years, one for the second years, and one for the first years.  Figures are still random and don't match by year.
A couple of boxes arrived in the mail from Japan earlier this week.  In them were some Japanese snacks, including the limited edition Love Live! Puccho Chews, and a set of Snow Halation mini-figures.  So the Love Live! goods are still coming out despite the fact that the show and μ's has wrapped up.

I have a friend that plays the Love Live! Rhythm game on their iPad and it seems like the show is living on pretty strong with all of the fans playing that game too.  I'll be waiting for the Love Live sequel this summer too with an all new set of girls who want to be idols!

Love Live! Puccho Fruit Chews
Puccho are a type of yogurty chewy candy that is quite tasty and it has little gummy balls in it to provide some extra chewy bits.  Quite a tasty candy really.  This candy is availabe right now in April of 2016, but it won't last long like most limited release items in Japan ( had some).
The figures come in a little blind box attached to the end of the candy.
Well, a limited edition version of the candy came out that included one member of μ's with each pack of candy.  If you bought enough candy you would be able to get a whole set of μ's as cell phone charms.  Since μ's has nine members, you're going to be buying a lot of candy.  I bought 10 packs and had 3 duplicates so I didn't manage to snag a set.  However, friends were more than happy enough to take the extras off my hands as a side benefit.  Each charm is quite nicely made and very petite.
The characters you can get are shown on the back of the package as can be seen on the bottom left.

I got my favourite, Nozomi, so there was some happiness.  The candy is shown at the right and each piece comes wrapped in some foil.
Love Live Snow Halation Mini-figuresIf you collect figures, collecting something like Love Live is ridiculously expensive due to the number of members.  If you ordered gashapon at 300 yen a pop, it would still be 2700 yen for all nine members, if you pulled a unique one on every go.  The price only goes up with more deluxe figures, so you gotta pay to show your love.  This Show Halation is a complete set of characters with little mini-bases.  The bases are just a tad short so they don't properly support the figures, but they would still look pretty good in a display case.

The First Years.
The Second Years
The Third Years.
The two types of figures for a size comparison.
That's just a bit of Love Live! goodness, so I'm back to chewing on all that Puccho candy now.

My visit to the Love Live Shrine in Akihabara
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