Monday, August 7, 2017

Nissin 45th Anniversary Donburi Sukiyaki Udon Review

Nissin Donburi Sukiyaki Udon comes in a bright yellow bowl with graphics from their Donbei Udon line and the Mt. Fuji and Japanese pop culture images they have been using.  This is the third product that Nissin released to celebrate their 45th anniversary of Cup Noodles.

Aside from the Green Tea Seafood Cup Noodle, this was the other product out of the anniversary trio I had been looking forward to trying out.  The image on the lid shows nice thick udon style noodles in a nice looking broth with little slices of beef.  All very appetizing, but let's see how the final dish looks.
Very attractive food packaging.
Closeup of the lid.  On the left side, you see graphics of Raijin, the thunder god, a pagoda, bullet train, and a samurai.  The graphics are kind of ukiyo-e in style.  In the middle there is a ninja on a bike and a lucky cat hiding at the top.  On the right, there is a geisha, sumo DJ, a truck with some dudes on it.  A drone with a lantern is in front of Mt. Fuji.
Directions and ingredients.
Warnings and nutritional information.
Closeup of the left side of the lid.
Closeup of the right side of the lid.
The opened noodle bowl shows the block of fried noodle with a package of dried veggies and meat in green, and a package of sukiyaki soup sauce on the right in red.
Promotional details on the inside of the lid, with a closeup of the fried noodles.  They are wide and flat.
The dried ingredients at the top.  You can see pieces of the beef, green onion, and carrot.  The liquid sukiyaki sauce drained right through the noodles.  I added boiling water, closed the lid, and waited 5 minutes.
After peeling the lid completely off, this is what I saw.  It already looks really tasty and a nice soy scent wafted up from the soup.
This was a really good bowl of udon noodles.  The sukiyaki flavoured broth was both savoury with a hint of sweetness to accompany the soy and had a nice rich depth to it.  The soup was a nice brown colour in which the noodles contrasted nicely.  I didn't really notice anything different about the udon noodles which seem like the typical Donbei ones, but they were on the softer side of firm with a nice chew to them.  The little pieces of beef surprised me the most as they were actually beef flavoured, soy protein.  They sure had the texture of cooked beef with a flavour that hinted of nicely marinated meat.  I liked it a lot.  This bowl of udon was a two thumbs up kind of bowl. 
Closeup of the textured soy - beef flavour and the noodles.
Closeup of the bottom of the lid.

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