Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Yuru Camp / Laid Back Camp Acrylic Figure Dioramas and Curry Noodle

Yuru Camp or Laid Back Camp is an anime that has created minor phenomenon in outdoor camping cuteness while looking at Mt. Fuji.  The original manga has a 12 episode anime that has increased the number of people doing winter camping in Japan.  These camping pilgrimages to the sites the characters went to in the anime have been around since the manga was out, but the anime has boosted the popularity.  Camp grounds that were dead in the winter now have many visitors.

I really like the anime as the female characters are pretty fun and all kind of down to earth.  They all like the outdoors and just want to camp and eat yummy food.  It is a slice of life drama with camp grounds.  I also learned a bit about camping in Japan too.  If you don't want to camp after watching it, I'd be surprised.

The show is streaming on Crunchyroll and you can watch all of episode 1 on Youtube on the Crunchyroll channel.  Episode 1 is where Nadeshiko Kagamihara, the bubbly pink hair girl meets Rin Shima, the serious camping girl with the blue hair in a bun.  Most people are hooked by the end of this episode and its famous curry cup of noodle scene.

The nearest I'll come to a camping pilgrimage is to own these cute little acrylic dioramas of two of the main stars in the show and have a curry cup noodle.  The dioramas are pretty cool as they have 3 layers of depth and the curry noodle is of course delicious. 
Rin and Nadeshiko
Assembled dioramas.
Nadesiko with Mt. Fuji and a camp stove.
The manga for scale.
To celebrate the series I broke out my camp stove to boil some water.  These little stoves are pretty good for boiling water, but you have to watch the wind and their stability.  Still, a great way to have a cup of hot coffee or tea, and a dehydrated meal or cup of noodle.
Small pot, gas bottle, and burner.
Boiling water.
Below is a Curry Cup Noodle.  These are pretty standard in Japan and you can get them in any convenience store.  They taste like real curry too because they are real curry.
Front of curry cup.
Noodles and curry powder plus dehydrated potatoes.
After adding water and waiting 3 minutes, you get this.  You need to stir thoroughly to mix in the powder and thicken the soup up.
The finished product.  Quite a hearty little dish.  One isn't going to do for dinner though, so you'll need to supplement.
Below are a couple of videos from Youtube.  One shows a camping pilgrimmage, the other is an outdoor equipment manufacturer using the show to highlight their products.  Looks like everyone wins on this.

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