Thursday, June 7, 2018

Shinjuku and Shibuya at Night

The bright lights of the big city are alive and well in Tokyo now. I remember visiting in early 2013 just shy of a few years after Fukushima when the lights were not quite as bright.  Back then, there were power conservation measures in places as they had shut down a number of nuclear power plants and no new power sources were available yet.  There were still signs on, but they were fewer and the giant Q Front TV was not always on.  I remember seeing only every second fluorescent on in the subway cars too.  Akihabara was dimmer too with the rooftop signage being off.  It seems to be life as normal now and here are a selection of night shots from Shinjuku and Shibuya.
Yasukuni Dori in Shinjuku.
Yasukuni Dori - the stretch made famous in Lost in Translation.
Godzilla at night in Kabukicho.
Kabukicho sidestreet.
The big TV seen on the LABI Building in Shinjuku.  This was in the movie Your Name.  On the other side of the rail tracks from here is Golden Gai for some narrow alleys and bars with a traditional vibe.
Shibuya Crossing at night.
Shibuya Crossing looking towards Center Gai and the F21.
Center Gai, the main street in Shibuya.
The lights at night in Tokyo are one of the wonderful things to experience.  You'll always be in a crowd as there are thousands of people out and about in these areas in the evening.

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