Ajinomoto Tokyo Style Shoyu Ramen with Chicken

Ajinomoto USA makes a bowl of frozen ramen soup with toppings that is ready after adding water and microwaving for 4 minutes.  Hmmm... That sounds good to me!  This is a Tokyo style shoyu ramen so it is primarily a soy sauce and meat broth based soup.  I like a good shoyu ramen so this is something I can really enjoy.

I found this at Costco Canada and have bought it a couple of times.  You buy a big box of six frozen ramen bowls and whenever you are craving noodles, you just need to pop one in the microwave after adding water.  Frozen ramen isn't new as you have been able to buy packages of frozen ramen with a soup packet from Asian supermarkets for years.  This product isn't exactly new either, but it is a fairly new product in the Canadian marketplace.  Ajinomoto is a Japanese company that has been around for well over a hundred years and makes many food products and seasonings.
Big box of ramen bowls with some nice package design.  The big red circle resembles a painted Japanese sun on a black background with a an attractively presented bowl of ramen showing lots of veggies and chicken.
Back of the box showing preparation and microwave directions.  Interestingly enough, the photo on the right side shows a side of fried rice and gyoza, both very possible ramen accompaniments.  I believe Ajinomoto makes frozen fried rice and gyoza.
One of the ramen bowls in the package.  You need to peel off the plastic cover that preserves freshness.  The bowls are not huge, and one for lunch would need something else like fruit or other food to complete the meal.
The heated ramen soup.  Basically add some water up to the fill line and microwave for 4 minutes to prepare.  I give it a little stir too to make sure that soup is mixed too.
This shoyu ramen is a decent soup, but it does cost more for the convenience factor as they provide the bowl, the ramen, the soup, and the toppings.  The aroma from the soup has a nice shoyu smell to it and the soup itself has a fairly rich savoury flavour.  The noodles have good texture and a nice chew.  You get a fair bit of grilled chicken with plenty of veggies like green onions, carrot slivers, corn, and red pepper strips.  I still prefer making my own instant noodles and adding my own toppings, but this is great for a quick fix which is why I have bought it several times.
Closeup of the noodles, chicken and veggies.
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