Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ottogi Sesame Flavor Ramen with Egg Block

Sesame flavoured ramen is pretty tasty.  Anything with sesame is usually tasty.  When I saw this instant ramen by Ottogi at the Korean supermarket I knew I had to try it out. I do like a few Korean instant noodles, but they are generally more spicy than I like (other than gomtang).  The mild levels of spice are usually fairly good, but the really hot ones are just too hot for me (when your lips get that burn - too hot for me).  I was hoping for sesame and spice in this ramen - rather than spice than sesame.
Ottogi Sesame Flavor Ramen.  The package is a nice bright yellow with a duller yellow background that is egg-like in tone.  What attracted my attention is the text saying "contains egg block."
Back of the package.  There are cooking instructions, a little blurb about sesame flavor, ingredients, and nutritional information.
I always like to see lots of packets with any instant ramen as it kind of adds to the allure of the instant noodle.  This one contains a freeze-dried egg packet, a chili-sesame oil satchet, and a regular flavour powder satchet.  The ramen is of a typical gauge.
Closeup of the egg block packet.  You can see the egg with some green onions and carrot shreds in it.  Egg blocks are pretty cool.
Sesame adds a lot to the taste of everything it is combined with, and the aroma of sesame is very appealing to most people. This particular ramen actually has more chili oil than sesame oil so it is more spicy than sesame tasting, although the sesame has a discernible note.  I'd be tempted to use a little less of this oil and try it with a little bit of pure sesame oil to bump up the sesame flavour as the spice level was stronger than the sesame.  The egg packet mostly dissolved into the soup, adding to the body of the broth, and you would find bits of egg here and there.  A fairly tasty soup overall and the noodles were firm with good texture after the 4 minutes of cooking.  For another sesame ramen bowl review from Nissin check this link out.
My finished bowl of ramen.  I added some leftover ham, and shanghai bok choy to round out the soup.

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  1. Interesting to see what it tastes like from you, as this is one of my family's go-to ramen usually every Sunday. It almost sounds like new food I would like to try! Despite my friend's advice not to eat this kind of food too often for my own health, its taste is simply too tempting.

  2. Wow. I hit on a family favourite. I had never seen this one before myself, but am glad I tried it!