Have a Crazy Pokemon Day in Tokyo

 I just realized the other day that you could really go all out for having a Pokemon themed day in Tokyo.  For fans of the games and franchise in general, there is plenty of Pokemon goodness out there right now, but it temporary and this post only applies to the early months of 2020.
You could book yourself into a Pokemon themed room at Apartment Hotel Mimaru where you can have a big Snorlax on your bed and be surrounded by red and white pokeball decorations.

After you wake up, you can get dressed for the day in a Pokemon Ball Cap and t-shirt to get into the swing of things.  Now that it is time for breakfast, you can go find yourself a local Mr. Donut to have coffee and a Pokemon donut to start your day (I never said it was going to be a healthy day).  Mr. Donut has great looking Pokemon pastries and souvenirs.

After this, play some Pokemon Go on your phone.  After all, you have to catch them all and get your daily spin in at a Pokestop.  Your next stop would be in Shibuya where you can visit Parco to get an anime merchandise fix, including a Pokemon Center store and a Pokemon Go store!

After your shopping you need to go have lunch so you can visit an outlet of the Yoshinoya beef bowl chain to have a tasty Pokemon beef bowl set (it's really for kids, but get two then).  Demand for these Pokemon sets outstripped supply, so it was halted for a bit, but it is supposed to resume.

After lunch, you can play some more Pokemon Go (or another Pokemon game) or visit the Pokemon Centre stores all over town to see the merchandise.  Each store sometimes has unique merchandise.  Also, each store has their own large scale replicas of various Pokemon you can take your picture with.  Stores are in Yokohama, Sunshine City, Tokyo Station, Tokyo Skytree, Shibuya Parco, and Nihonbashi.  There is also a Pokemon bakery at Sunshine City that is takeout only.

Finally, you can visit the Nihonbashi Pokemon Center to wrap up your day before returning to your Pokemon hotel room.  You will need to make reservations FAR IN ADVANCE, but you can eat dinner at the Pokemon Cafe here.

This is a very Pokemon day, and if you buy a Pokemon cup noodle, you can have that for a snack back in your hotel room!


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