Popular Japanese Fast Food Chains To Try On A Tokyo Visit

Plenty has been written about restaurants you must try when you are in Tokyo.  Michelin stars are great, but sometimes you just want to eat.  So what are some of the chain restaurants that Japanese people frequent?  Here are six fast food chains (often the food is cooked while you wait) that you could try and they are great if you are on a budget.  You can often find outlets near train stations so you don't even have to look far, but you won't always find them on every street corner.  Some of these food chains have even expanded overseas in other Asian countries and you'll even find them in America now.

Teriyaki chicken burger
MOS Burger
This is an awesome burger chain that is famous for their buns made out of compressed disks of rice.  They often grill your food up fresh and I also like their teriyaki chicken burger!  Lotteria and Freshness Burger are other burger chain you could also try.

Yoshinoya / Sukiya / Matsuya
Great for beef bowl or gyudon.  This is a bowl of rice covered in tender simmered beef, onions, and a tasty sauce.  These restaurants have expanded their offerings so it isn't just beef bowl anymore.  Beef bowl is a very cheap meal and a meal set is often a great way to go.  Everyone also has a chain they like more than the others.
Extra large beef bowl at Sukiya with miso soup.

Great for tendon (tempura with rice).  Also very affordable and they have some great tempura for the price you pay.  They often have some seasonal specials and it always looks so tasty.


This is more of a full restaurant, but you can get a meal at a very reasonable price and it is more like traditional Japanese cooking.  There is plenty of variety to choose from.

Great soba noodle chain, but again, more than just soba noodles.  Plenty of variety on offer.

Coco Curry
This is a popular curry shop chain. with a hard to miss sign.  It wouldn't be a visit to Japan without having one of the nation's favourite dishes.  It is Japanese style curry with rice.  There are many curry outlets and they are all pretty tasty.

Here are a few photos from another curry shop, Homemade Curry Time, I tried in Shinagawa Station.  It was good there!  Again, you need to order from a vending machine, but there were pictures.

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