Around Akihabara

I managed to make three trips down to Akihabara to look around over the week I was there.  On my first visit I was lucky enough to catch the Bandai Tamashii Nations figure show.  That was cool and you can read about it here.  There is a lot to see, do, buy, and eat in Akihabara.  I finally even managed to have curry at Go Go Curry too!  You can wander up and down Chuo Dori, the main street, or wander the back streets where Akiba Culture Zone and Kotobukiya or Mandarake are just one block west of it.  You can visit Yodobashi Camera and its huge toy and model floor.  You can even visit the new Radio Kaikan or Volks and Gamers all clustered together around the Electric Town Exit from Akihabara Station.  This time I managed a visit to Liberty 8 for used merchandise and even did some shopping at Akiba Culture Zone - the guys at one shop were super helpful.  Super Potato for retro games was quite interesting, but like many stores, it wasn't quite as large as I expected either.
An anime girl looks out onto Akihabara from Akiba Culture Zone.
Gamers in December 2017
TOP:Electric Town Exit and Gamers to the right.  BOTTOM: Chuo Dori and one of the many Segas.
Dragon Quest Lawson just west of Chuo Dori

Dragon Quest Lawson
Madarake.  Lots of cool stuff in here, but it was hot inside.
Stairs up to Kanda Myojin Shrine.
Kanda Myojin and all of their anime collaboration posters!
Kanda Myojin.  The Maki I purchased for someone makes a special visit.
TOP: New Radio Kaikan - lots of shopping inside.  BOTTOM: one street west of Chuo Dori with Kotobukiya.
Very cool Godzilla model, but expensive!
Girls und Panzer! Panzer Vor!
My favourite magical girl series.  Cardcaptor Sakura.  The very first Pretty Cure was good too.
Kantai Collection.  Battleship girls.
Patlabor - police mecha.
Wake Up Girls elevator wrap.
There was more inside the elevator too!
More wake up girls inside the elevator.
Nice model of the jet striker from Strike Witches.
Art Books.  Aria.
I actually visited the Amiami store.  Not just a web site.
Kids manga.
Yellow Submarine

One floor of Super Potato
Manga and art books.
Chuo Dori.

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