Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nissin Brazilian Cup Noodle and the World Cup

Nissin created some instant noodle products to coincide with the World Cup.  While you don't get a souvenir soccer ball or anything like that you do get some tasty noodle flavours that incorporate Brazilian BBQ (churrasco) for spicy and savory flavours.  I managed to get my hand on the Brazilian Cup Noodle and the Brazilian Chicken Ramen flavours to try.  The descriptions for the particular limited noodles sounded yummy.

Nissin's Brazilian Soccer Samurai commercial for the World Cup.

Brazilian Chicken Cup Noodle
After I added hot water and waited the three minutes, the soup was very satisfying and spicy, but not too spicy, and the chicken chunks had a nice poultry flavour to them.  The Brazilian Cup Noodle has a chicken stock base with chunks of dehydrated grilled chicken.  The powder soup base has a deep red colour like you would find in BBQ potato chips.  There is supposed to be oregano, black pepper, basil, and paprika in the soup stock.  Other ingredients include dehydrated egg, cabbage, and red pepper.

Nice bold colours used on the cup.
Looking inside reveals many ingredients including a reddish spice / seasoning for the soup.
Side view.
3 minutes later, some spicy goodness.

Brazilian Chicken Ramen Bowl
The flavour of this instant ramen is derived from Nissin's famous Chicken Ramen flavour.  The ramen came with a packet of seasoning and a packet of dehydrated meat/veggies to add to the base ramen which is pre-infused with the chicken ramen flavour.  After adding the ingredients and adding hot water, the aroma of chicken ramen was clearly detectable, but there was a strong hint of pepper.  I think this was slightly zippier than the cup noodle version, with a different flavour profile, and lots of pepper.  Still, very tasty though.  The dehydrated ingredients seemed to include chicken, red pepper, egg, and cabbage again.
Chicken Ramen logo with Brazil added.
Noodles and ingredient packs.
Ingredients added, now add hot water, and cover.
Yummy ramen ready in a few minutes.

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